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Types of clients |  Service providers: Internet, residential (FTTH), cellular towers, television, data centres, installers, etc.

Telecommunications has been O-m6 Technologies’ key market since the company was founded. We deliver high-end, conventional and custom products intended for everyone, from installers to major service providers.



Original equipment manufacturers (OEM)

Types of clients |  Instrumentation, computing, integrators, equipment manufacturers, etc.

Today, most manufacturers and integrators use fibre, mainly to enhance equipment performance, but also for all the benefits optical fibre can deliver. Fibre is inexpensive and has many attractive features, including large capacity, reliability, lightness, and immunity from interference.


Industrial sector

Types of clients | Mining, energy, transportation industries, etc.

Optical fibre is increasingly being used in industry, primarily in detection, marking, welding and data processing.


Aerospace and military

Types of clients | Defence, security, aviation, aerospace, etc.

Reliable telecommunications are critical in these sectors. Optical fibre is playing a growing role in all types of surveillance, defence, security, detection and control equipment, including radar and LIDAR systems.



Types of clients | Universities, colleges, research centres, municipalities, governments, etc.

Research and innovation are becoming more and more important in our society. We are proud to provide optical products to government organizations such as universities, colleges and research centres, including public, parapublic and government entities.



Types of clients | Treatment centres, diagnostic centres, imaging centres, esthetic centres, etc.

The medical industry is constantly evolving. Lasers, probes and sensors are now designed with optical fibre to detect, diagnose and treat different types of tumours and cancers. Imaging, endoscopy, hair removal, and cavity detection are just a few of the potential applications. 

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