Launch box (fibrebox)


Our launch box is used to test optical fibre networks. Used in conjunction with a reflectometer, it helps eliminate dead zones when characterizing an optical link. The fibrebox is robust, compact and weatherproof, so it will work for many years even under adverse conditions.

The external cords can be adjusted to your specifications in terms of length, connectors and
protective jackets.

  • Insertion loss data provided
  • Adaptor or optical cable versions
  • Sturdy, compact, light and portable thanks to its handle
  • Contains up to 3 km of fibre

Technical characteristics

Other relevant information

Procedure for cleaning

  • Detach the Velcro strip to release the connectors and unroll the cords.
  • Wipe around the ferrule twice using lens paper soaked in 99% isopropyl alcohol. Repeat using a wipe intended for delicate tasks.
  • Place an alcohol-soaked tissue on a smooth surface. Keeping the connector perpendicular (at an angle for an APC polish), gently wipe the surface of the ferrule. Repeat using a wipe intended for delicate tasks.
  • Hook up the connectors or put the caps back on. The light source can be injected from either cord.
  • When the test is completed, carefully roll the cords on the spool and attach them with the Velcro strip.
  • The fibre’s bend radius must always be greater than 30 mm.


  1. Remove the protective caps from the adaptors.
  2. Clean the connectors in the adaptors using a cleaning stick.
  3. Clean connectors to be hooked up according to the above procedure.
  4. Make the connection. The light source can be injected with either adaptor.
  5. When testing is completed, put the protective caps back on the adaptors.

IMPORTANT: O-m6 Technologies is not responsible for repairs or replacements required subsequent to
non-compliance with the above procedure. Warranty is void if the launch box has been disassembled or

Before you inspect a connector, always make sure the light source is turned off.

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