Quality policy : Each client must be treated professionally in all respects. Everyone at O-m6 must do everything to understand and identify the client's needs, to keep the client informed and to manufacture products that satisfy the client's expectations.


Sale conditions : O-m6 agrees to accept your order to the extent that we are able to manufacture products that satisfy the client's expectations. The client, at reception of a confirmation agrees to check accuracy and to purchase the products listed according to the terms of the following policy. Subject to the applicable guarantee, O-m6 products cannot be returned or refunded.

Guarantee : All of the products manufactured by O-m6 come with a one-year limited guarantee. The guarantee limits O-m6's liability to repairing or replacing (at the discretion of the manufacturer) only the product covered by the guarantee. The guarantee does not cover abusive use or acts of God. All of the products not manufactured by O-m6 are covered by a guarantee that is limited to that of the original manufacturer. This guarantee applies as of the shipping date and will be valid as long as the client uses a return number (RMA). Any client who would like to exercise this guarantee must use our shipper in order to enjoy free shipping. The client may obtain a return number and shipping details by contacting our offices.

Devices supplied by customer : Active components would never be energized (except in the case of a written agreement of both parties)  Every effort will be made to handle customer's material with the greatest possible care and according to the best practice. However, Performance of supplied components would remain under customer liability and risk. Our liability is limited only to the value added by O-m6 Technologies Inc.

Shipping : By default, all shipments sent to Canada will be sent the next business day, and all shipments abroad will be sent the business day following the next working day. Shipping will be paid in advance on the original bill. Our responsibility ends when the shipping company picks up the merchandise at our warehouse. The recipient is responsible for inspecting any merchandise as soon as it is received and submitting a claim for any damages to the shipping company. In this case, we will provide as much help as possible with your claim.

Payment terms for credit margin : Clients who wish to open an account must submit a credit application form, agree to payment terms of 30 days NET and, in the case of late payment, agree to pay interest at a rate of 24% per year. O-m6 will determine the amount of the credit margin to be authorized and the manufacturer reserves the right to close an account without notice.

Return : In all circumstances, when returning a product, the client must obtain a return number by contacting our offices. O-m6 reserves the right to refuse or return packages if the return number is not clearly indicated on the outside.

Errors : The client cannot cancel an order, in part or in full. At the request of a client, O-m6 reserves the right to change an order, in keeping with certain conditions (for example, if the order is not already being manufactured).