To manufacture and design optical connection products better than anyone else for the industrial, telecommunication and photonic markets.


  • Remain a client-driven company
  • Remain first in terms of quality
  • Promote innovation, research and development
  • Become a leader in the manufacture of custom products
  • Remain competitive
  • Promote a stimulating and challenging work environment


  • Clientele:
    O-m6's success depends on our ability to manufacture and deliver products on time and which meet or surpass expectations.
  • O-m6's People:
    Each individual must do everything to understand and identify the client's needs, to keep the client informed and to manufacture products that meet the client's expectations.
  • Quality:
    To manufacture and deliver products on time and only when they fully meets the client's expectations. Quality has always made O-m6 stand out and it is essential to the company's success.
  • Leadership:
    Any new ideas or requests for new products, as part of our mission, will be considered in keeping with our focus on manufacturing custom products.